Detroit: A City on the Rise: Media


This is installment number 20 in the “A City on the Rise” series on Detroit.  If you aren’t convinced yet that Detroit is on its way back, just look at the media, because they seem to be very convinced.

Yes, you have your occasional story on bad news in Detroit, the typical crime, the Jane Bashara murder case, car accidents, etc.  That happens in almost every city, although Detroit does seem to have more crime than the average city.  Regardless, the media, local and national, have taken notice that Detroit has something.

HuffPost Detroit Logo (Photo Courtesy of:

The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News have taken more of an interest in their own city as well.  It’s not that they haven’t before, but because there is so much going on in the city that is becoming news once again.

For example, when it was announced this past weekend by both the News and Free Press that the former Packard Motor Car Plant was planning to be torn down, they took it steps further than just the story.  Some did follow ups with how the owner plans on paying for the demolition, history of the plant, and pictures, of the plant then and now.

But the News and the Free Press aren’t just the only ones taking notice.  The Huffington Post opened its Detroit bureau this past November in the Corktown neighborhood.  They are located at 2051 Rosa Parks Blvd.  It is a part of the HuffPost Local division, which includes New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington DC, and Miami.

Curbed Detroit Logo (Photo Courtesy of:

They may be a liberal website/news source, but they seem to have views from all sides, with local news, national news, and opinions/blogs about Detroit.

Another source of news that has decided to set up shop in Detroit is the Curbed website.  You have probably never heard of it, but it focuses on real estate, development, neighborhoods, and sales and rental prices.  They have also set up shop in Corktown, in the same building that the HuffPost Detroit is set up in.

They are also in the same category with other cities having their own website.  Aside from the Curbed National page, there is also a Curbed Boston, New York, Hamptons, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Those are all big cities and you can freelance for Curbed Detroit and blog for the HuffPost Detroit.

ESPN Detroit 1090 AM (Photo Courtesy of:

There is another media outlet that has been taking notice in a different way.  ESPN has launched an ESPN Detroit radio station on the AM Dial.  You can listen to them on 1090 AM with national programming like Mike & Mike in the Morning and the Doug Gottlieb Show.  They plan on having local programming on by the end of the spring/early summer.  To have another sports radio station in the city competing with 97.1 The Ticket FM shows that the city of Detroit wants and needs another sports talk station.

You can contact Curbed Detroit at, HuffPost Detroit at, or contact ESPN 1090 Detroit at

To see the original post, go to The Michigan Journal Website.

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