Whole Foods Midtown Detroit Breaks Ground

A new Whole Foods Market will open up on Mack Ave. and John R. in Midtown, Detroit in Spring of 2013.

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Over 200 people joined in the celebration of the groundbreaking that included many Detroit dignitaries such as Mayor Dave Bing, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Dan Carmody, Eastern Market President, and Local 4 news anchor Rhonda Walker.

“We are back,” said Walker. She was speaking about the city of Detroit and its resurgence.

The Whole Foods Midtown site on Mack Ave. and Woodward Ave. (Photo Courtesy of The Michigan Journal)

The celebration included jazz music from a local high school, and the Selected of God Choir, who sang in the 2011 and 2012 Chrysler Super Bowl commercials. There was also free local products such as herbal tea, coffee, and pie.

“Too often we focus on the negative things that are happening in our city. Today is a positive reckoning that there are people who believe in the city of Detroit and its resurgence,” Mayor Bing said.

Sue Mosey was most enthusiastic about the groundbreaking. Local residents know her as the “Mayor of Midtown,” to which she apologized to Mayor Bing for as she laughed. “We’re building on an empty lot.” With all the empty lots in Detroit, it’s important to have development on vacant land.

Senator Stabenow was also very excited. “I’m absolutely committed and optimistic about the city.

The new market will employ 70-80 workers in the 21,000 square feet of space. Red Elk Banks, the Operations Manager for the 9 of the 34 midwest stores spoke of a hopeful, local market.“The stores will be using all local vendors, such as Avalon Bakery and Eastern Market,” he said. “Detroiters want clean stores with fresh produce and respectful staff.” He wants to city the city succeed and with a 15 year lease on the property, Whole Foods won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.Walter Robb really touched the hearts of the Detroiters present at the ceremony. “I really love your city,” said Robb. “We’re really excited to be here. I promise you we’re going to be here with humility. We’re going to need your help. My expectation is a healthy, successful store.”The ceremony, which started at 9:45am, ended about an hour later, with a Native American Blessing from Brian Moore, a member of a local Native American group. He gave a ceremonial blessing on the site with a song and a sacrifice of tobacco.

After the event ended, many people stayed to chat up friends and enjoy the free Michigan four-berry pie of Achatz Pie Company of Chesterfield Township.

What was also promising was the influx of young people, which is needed for the revitalization of the city of Detroit.

Many are optimistic about the store and the possibility of more businesses and people moving into the area. This store marks a huge milestone in the city’s history, since this will be the first chain grocery store since 2007, when Farmer Jack left.

Whole Foods carries organic and fresh produce at a slightly increased price, as it benefits local and regional farms, in the urban and suburban area. To follow the construction and apply for a job, check out Whole Foods’ website at www.wholefoodsmarket.com.

To read the original article, go to The Michigan Journal.

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