Where to find parking in Detroit

Have you ever found yourself wanting to go to Detroit to watch a Tigers game, see a concert, a play or just plain hang out in the city, but have no idea where to park? Well, I have some answers for you. I have worked at Comerica Park for a year and a half now. I didn’t get a parking pass last year, and although I was eligible this year, because of a different position, there wasn’t enough to go around.

So I had to find a different way to park, without paying a lot so my paycheck wasn’t just going into lots, meters or garages. Downtown Detroit is filled with a lot of things going on, and because it’s summer, there are concerts, plays, sports, and many other things to do. You can make a whole agenda spending the day in Detroit.

Where to park in Detroit, click on the picture for the interactive map (Photo Courtesy of The Michigan Journal)

But that’s another story for another day. It’s time to find somewhere to park in the city. On the day of a Tigers game, some places charge between $10-$25 to park. To me, that is quite insane. Most of that $25 parking is around the ballpark, within a few hundred feet or so. The more cheaper lots to park at are around other parts of Downtown Detroit. I was able to park for $5 near the old Wayne County Courthouse.

I will say this though, I usually park on the outskirts of Downtown Detroit. I park in Brush Park, a small neighborhood, just north of Comerica. Many of the buildings are gone, some are still around and boarded up and some are still inhabited (legally). It is completely free to park on these side streets, as the signs will say.

Do not park on the streets Monday-Saturday in Downtown Detroit.

The meters are a 2-hour limit, and the parking authority enforces it from 9:00am-10:00pm. Yes, that is long, but this is how the city is trying to regain money. So unless you are going on a Sunday, do not, I repeat, DO NOT park on the streets for more than 2-hours.

I have made a map of places to park and the prices as well. Parking is definitely a problem for people coming Downtown to check out a game, concert, etc. Hopefully this helps you out a little more when trying to find a place to park.

To read the original article, go to The Michigan Journal.

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