London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics started today.  The Opening Ceremonies are pretty great so far.  The first part of the ceremony was the agrarian society moving to the industrial age.  That was spectacular and quite amazing.  The Olympic rings were brought down and the fifth one was raised from the industrial age worked on by the workers below.  It raised up and sent down what we are supposed to think are sparks.  It was quite a view and I’m sure many loved it, lots of pictures and flashes galore.

The Olympic Rings in the Opening Ceremony (Photo Courtesy of: The BBC News)

The second part of the ceremonies involved the Queen and James Bond parachuting from a helicopter “into” the stadium.  the Queen was presented to the crowd and the UK national anthem sung with the flag being raised.  Then we had the kids part of the ceremonies.  It wasn’t the best part of the show so far, but it was pretty cool.  It seemed that Mary Poppins gets rid of Voldemort which I found very funny.  They had nightmares for the kids involving some other villains and it was really cool, and they used real nurses and doctors from the hospitals, respecting their health care system.  It didn’t seem very British to me, but all the power to them to represent their health care system.

Next, they had the parents portion of it, working into music and starting out in the ’60s working to the digital age of today.  That was interesting to see all of the dancers an the music they used.  My favorite part of that was when they played Bohemian Rhapsody by the band Queen.  A boy and girl also fall in love throughout the decades.

Finally, we have the Parade of Nations now.  Starting out is Greece, then followed in alphabetical order, with the host nation last.  Greece is always first because that is where the Olympics originated.  81 countries have never won an Olympic medal of the 200 countries represented.  It’s always a great scene to see all of the athletes.  Great Britain had the most athletes with 558, while four countries tied for the least with two athletes.  Those countries are: Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, Dominica and Belize.  The games have already started, but officially start tomorrow.

Let the Games begin, and Go USA!


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