Woodward Dream Cruise 2012: My Experience

The 18th annual Woodward Dream Cruise has come and gone.  On the third Saturday of August, millions gather along Woodward Ave. from 8 Mile all the way to Pontiac.  It’s one of the largest, if not the largest “classic car show” in the country and the world.  The weather was spectacular, and people came in droves.  An estimated 1.35 million people attended the dream cruise on Saturday, August 18th, up from 1.1 million in 2011.

A Plymouth Superbird, one of the more rare classics. Also a huge favorite of mine.

I took the day off of work, well night actually.  The Tigers played the Orioles at 7:05pm and I would have had to be there at 5:00pm.  Definitely worth it taking the night off.  My dad and I left our house a little after 9:20am, about 45 minutes away from our spot on Woodward.

We started at Jefferson Ave. and Woodward Ave. in Detroit and drove all the way up the route.  Last year we drove the whole route from 8 Mile to Pontiac and back.  This year, we had two cars.  My dad drove my mom’s 2011 red V6 Mustang, and I drove my sister’s 2002 black V8 Mustang with a body kit.

Both Mustang’s got a lot of looks, and pictures were plentiful along Woodward, especially in Birmingham.  The traffic was a snails pace from 10 Mile to 14 Mile heading north and in Birmingham heading south, along with 14 Mile to 12 Mile southbound.

Our usual spot each is year is just south of 11 Mile on Woodward southbound.  It costs some money to have a spot right on the cruise route, but it’s well worth it.  Along with my dad and myself, my cousin and uncle also came, as well as my dad’s coworkers.  We are each assigned something to bring.  We grilled hot dogs, sausages, and burgers.  Sides included fruit, chips and dip and cookies for dessert.  Can’t forget the drinks, which included alcohol, gatorade, water and pop.

A late 1960s Camaro, my favorite classic car

The real reason to come to the dream cruise is to see the classic cars.  From the early 1920s all the way until cars today.  Everything that you can think of was probably there.  We saw lots of classic cars.  My favorite classic car is the late 1960s Chevrolet Camaros SS or RS.

We, being my cousin Jake and I, checked out Mustang Alley on 9 Mile and Woodward in Ferndale.  It’s sponsored by Ford and lots of Mustangs line up for blocks and blocks.  After an hour or so we went back to our spot and relaxed the rest of the night.  It’s one of the best days the summer for me personally because it’s like a mini vacation.

I live for this day every year, and as it becomes a tradition when we go each year.  Sitting on the curb, just feet away from some of the greatest, weirdest and coolest looking cars to ever hit the streets.  I’m proud to call myself a Metro Detroiter and to attend this magical event every year.  As the summer winds down, remember to enjoy these last few weeks, take a cruise, go to a classic car show, and finish off the summer strong before heading back to school.

Stay cool,



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