Column: No manners at Notre Dame

I’ve never been to the University of Notre Dame before. I’ve only been to the University of Michigan Press Box, and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, but that wasn’t really a college campus, just a bowl game.

I must say I was very pleased with the campus, the atmosphere of the area and the people. Yes, the people there were very pleasant, greeted us with “Welcome to Notre Dame.” It was shaping up to be a wonderful experience, that was until the game started until myself and my fellow reporter, Ricky Lindsay sat down in the press box.

I’ll start off saying that the press box is not very roomy. It’s pretty cramped inside and the chairs are very close to each other. If you’re claustrophobic, the Fighting Irish press box is no place for you as a reporter.

The experience of being on a completely different campus, seeing a different stadium, a different press box, a different field, now that was probably one of the coolest parts of going to South Bend. I would have to say that Michigan should take some notes on how to be more courteous towards away fans, media members, anyone visiting the Big House for the first time.

On to the main meat of what I’m getting at though. In all press boxes, cheering is frowned upon, in fact, it is illegal to cheer in the press box, because it is a working press box. Media members from both home and away teams are there and even national media members. Bowl representatives, scouts, everyone is up in this press box.

There are even signs saying you can’t cheer. It was on our cards that said where we sit, that cheering is prohibited. As many of us expected for Denard to have a wonderful game against Notre Dame, the opposite happened. He had an atrocious game, accounted for five of the six turnovers on the night and was disappointed in himself after.

When Michigan intercepted Everett Golson’s first pass, my partner, Ricky, did a little fist pump. I told him that isn’t acceptable in the press box, and it’s not. You would not be able to get away with that in the Big House.

As soon as the first interception happened by the Fighting Irish, cheers erupted in the press box. I thought to myself, isn’t cheering prohibited? I guess not because it happened on all big plays for the Irish. I was becoming very irritated, as they weren’t obeying the rules. So what if it’s their big game, and they have home field advantage in the box, it’s illegal and people should have been scolded. They weren’t.

My entire experience wasn’t tainted because of this, but I can tell you that the Athletics department will be hearing from me after this horrible display of maturity and non-professionalism.

To read the original post that appeared in the third issue of The Michigan Journal, on Tuesday, September, 25, 2012, go to


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