NHL Lockout Update: Week 2

The National Hockey League is still in a lockout. If the season were to start on time, the Red Wings would begin their season on Friday, October 12 against the Nashville Predators at home.

It’s not looking good though as each day goes by, a day is lost towards starting the season on time. The good news is that the NHL and NHLPA met for three straight days over the weekend. The bad news, there’s still a lockout. During the three straight days, discussions on health and safety issues were resolved, more specifically drug testing and and player safety.

There are no plans to meet in the coming weeks, but that could change soon. The $3 billion is still the debate during this lockout.

Right now, the NHL is waiting for the NHLPA to make a counteroffer to continue trying to break the lockout. Pavel Datsyuk is playing very well in Russia, with a couple of assists in his last game, and both Valterri Filppula and Jakub Kindl are contributing to their teams.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like the lockout could be here to stay. Both sides aren’t any closer than they were a week ago, so if you miss hockey, there will be a list of other teams in lower leagues you could watch in the surrounding area.

To read the original article that appeared in the fourth issue of The Michigan Journal, on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, go to www.michiganjournal.org

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