Michigan vs. Purdue Preview

If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the year that the Wolverines would travel to West Lafayette, Indiana to play a 3-1 Purdue Boilermaker team, I would’ve probably laughed. I’m not laughing now, as this is reality. The Wolverines are 2-2 facing an opponent with a better record, a surprise opponent.

Prediction: Michigan 31, Purdue 21

It’s the first B1G Ten matchup of the year for the Wolverines, who are coming off of a bye week, and before that, a devastating loss to Notre Dame in South Bend.

Denard Robinson had an atrocity of a game against the Fighting Irish, so he will need to rebound in order to make the game competitive. The defense kept them in the game and they should have a much easier time this game.

Although the Boilermakers have improved immensely over the course of the offseason and the first four games they have played, averaging 42.5 points per game, the Michigan defense is better. The Wolverine offense coughed up six turnovers against Notre Dame, and kept it within a touchdown at the end. So Purdue kept their game within a field goal against the Fighting Irish, but they didn’t have six turnovers.

The Wolverine defense has improved that this should be the difference in the game. Head coach Danny Hope has built this team and it is ready to show it is a B1G Ten powerhouse. Unfortunately for them, they still have another year to go before they will be considered one of the best.

Both Devin’s, (Gardner and Funchess) have emerged as the top receivers for the Wolverines, and Robinson is the top rusher, as usual. Running back Fitzgerald Toussaint will look to improve his season and run all over the Boilermaker defense.

Michigan may be a three point favorite at this point, but expect the score to be a little more one-sided than that.

For Michigan, this is a must-win game in order to keep their season in-tact for a top-tier bowl game. As for Purdue, this game is big for their moral on the season, to see how far they have come. Both teams have something to play for early on in the season. Michigan takes this game though, by more than three points. Michigan 31 Purdue 21

You can catch all of the action on the Big Ten Network starting at 4:00pm. Go Blue!

To read the original post that appeared online only in The Michigan Journal, on Friday, October 5, 2012, go to www.michiganjournal.org


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