NHL Lockout Update: Week 3

Hockey fans all across the country are suffering. The NHL cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season already, pushing the start date, tentatively, to late-October, if in fact a deal comes together soon. It doesn’t look that way. At all.

Games up until October 24 were cancelled. All-in-all, six Detroit Red Wings hockey games were involved. Although that may not seem like much, it’s felt not only by hockey fans in Detroit, but around the NHL. Restaurants, shops, businesses and people will all suffer.

COLUMN: NHL Lockout is a disgrace

Among the affected games for the Red Wings include the following:

  • October 12 vs. Nashville Predators
  • October 16 at Buffalo Sabres
  • October 18 at St. Louis Blues
  • October 20 at Chicago Blackhawks
  • October 22 vs. Vancouver Canucks
  • October 23 at Columbus Blue Jackets.

Even if the lockout were to come to an end, a brand new schedule would be devised, once games are cancelled.

Henrik Zetterberg, who is expected to be announced as the next captain of the Red Wings, turned down some offers to play in Europe, and was going to stay in the United States and wait out the lockout. News came Monday though, that he signed a lockout deal with a Swiss team.

Forward Drew Miller also signed a lockout deal with a Scottish team in the UK league. Finally, defenseman Jonathon Ericsson will be playing a few games with a Swedish team during the lockout.

There haven’t been many meetings between both sides lately, but there have been a few. The only update from those meetings is that both sides want a new deal, for the other side to propose a deal. Both sides will meet Wednesday, but unfortunately, the major problems are not on the agenda.

It’s like being caught walking on the same sidewalk, for only one person and waiting for the other person to move first. It’s not looking good right now for the rest of the year, and the NHL has threatened to take away the Winter Classic sometime in November if a deal isn’t agreed upon.

To read the original article that appeared in the fifth issue of The Michigan Journal, on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 go to www.michiganjournal.org


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