Downtown Detroit Architecture


This is my first post on Downtown Detroit architecture. This part of my blog is meant for my class, Journalism and Screen Studies 402, Online Researching, Reporting and Writing.

A view of Downtown Detroit from Belle Isle.

Downtown Detroit has an array of different architecture. Many people don’t care, or really care to look at some of the beautiful buildings that Detroit has.

At one time during it’s heyday, Detroit was called the Paris of the Midwest. Why? Because of the ornate buildings, how beautiful they were. Now, many of those buildings have vanished from the skyline.

A partial view of Downtown Detroit from the Broderick Tower

A few of the forms of architecture in Detroit include Art Deco, Neo-Renaissance, Beaux Arts, and Chicago School among many, many others.

Each one of those types of architecture, among the many others, gives us a look back into the history of the city, what materials were used, how things looked, what the style was, etc.

We will get into specific architecture as the semester goes on, but this is to just give an introduction and to look at Detroit, architecturally. Next time you are down there, look at some of the buildings, empty or not. You might be surprised at what you see.

As you see some of the images above, Detroit looks like it has some really cool buildings. The skyline is quite sexy. It’s no Manhattan or Chicago, but it certainly can take your breath away if you just look.

People tend to shy away from Detroit, and it’s understandable in certain senses. Crime is still there, the ‘hoods aren’t in good shape, but Downtown Detroit is thriving.

So go take a look at some pictures of Downtown Detroit, heck even go down to Detroit for the holidays. The shopping, the food, the fun, the architecture.

Take a glance, you’ll be amazed.


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