COLUMN: Don’t Stop Believing: Tigers pushed to brink, but not out


The Detroit Tigers were pushed to the brink of elimination last night, as they fell to the San Francisco Giants 2-0, in Game 3 of the World Series. It was another atrocity offense-wise, but Sanchez was stellar just like Fister in the previous game.

The Tigers starting rotation and bullpen has been excellent in the past two games, it’s the hitting that has been silent. Give credit to the Giants rotation, who are really showing up this series, and proving that they want this more than the Tigers.

Bases loaded, one out, with the top of the order coming up. Austin Jackson is on first base. Here comes Quintin Berry and Miguel Cabrera. Neither could get the job done. That was the one chance to get back into this series as many will say.

I’ll agree to a certain extent, but I’ll tweak it. That was the one chance to get back into that game. The series isn’t over until a team wins four games.

Yes, no team has ever came back from down 3-0 to win the World Series, EVER. There’s still no reason to give up now. Like I said before Game 1, this team is here for a reason. They are a good team, they just haven’t shown it yet, at least in the hitting department.

Yes, the Giants pitching is stellar. They have come out of nowhere and surprised even the experts with their pitching. They surprised me, they have surprised everyone. Once the Tigers find their hitting, which they will tonight, even against Giants ace Matt Cain.

Don’t give up on this Tiger team. A Triple Crown winner, who should and probably will be the MVP. A Cy Young winner and former MVP are on this team, along with a couple of no-hitters and Rookie of the Year. Oh, and lot’s and lot’s of All-Star appearances.

So, if you have jumped the bandwagon, have fun the rest of today, as we don’t need the Negative Nancy’s like you. Today, and from each game on, the true Tiger’s fans will be there, cheering their team on until the final out, a Positive Peter if you will.

So, if you are giving up on this Tiger team, think about this:

The Tigers are down 3-0. The city of Detroit has always been down. We are down, but we are never out. Everyone always counts us out, but we know, deep down, that when people put us down and give up, we prove them wrong and come back. The Tigers will take this, game-by-game, and force a Game 7. They are going to do it because the Tigers resemble, and are, the face of the Motor City, and they will come back, just like the city, and it’s people.

Go Tigers!

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