Detroit Free Press Building

The Detroit Free Press Building (Photo Credit:

The Detroit Free Press Building (Photo Credit:

What once was the grandeur of journalism now sits forgotten and empty. A bustling newsroom has sat empty for awhile, hoping for another chance at life. It’s quite sad, as it is something when you look at driving down Washington Blvd.

The 14-story building was designed by none other than Albert Kahn, the architect of Detroit. It was designed in Art Deco style, completed in 1925.

Obviously, the Detroit Free Press, the city’s largest paper operated under it until 1998, when the journalism world started changing. It moved into the Detroit News building just a few blocks down.

The building has been empty since then, but it looking at renovation. It was bought and expected to be converted into lofts in 2008 and most recently, 2011. That didn’t happen as financially, it fell apart.

Now, we aren’t sure what will happen to the building, but hopefully it will be bought and renovated. It’s such as a beautiful building, and because it is a monument to journalism, one of my favorite buildings in Detroit.

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