Metropolitan Building

Metropolitan Building (Photo Credit:

Metropolitan Building (Photo Credit:

I practically look for this building from where I work in Downtown Detroit each summer day. Every day I walk into work at Comerica Park, I always need to look for this building. Why? I could never answer that question with a definitive answer, but I have a possible answer, it’s the history, the shape, and the future.

It’s an odd shaped building, pretty much the only one of it’s kind in Detroit, or for that matter, anywhere.

It was once home to Detroit’s jewelers and watchmakers. It opened in 1925 and was designed by Ellington and Weston in Neo-Gothic Style.

It’s on a wedge-shaped piece of land, so it was built that way, but had to be supported differently than other buildings. It housed all of the jewelers of Detroit.

Chances are many marriage rings and proposal rings were bought at this building and many marriages forged because of this building. I’m surprised that it hasn’t been opened back up since being closed in 1979.

Anyways, there are no plans to renovate the building, but I hope so because it’s an architectural masterpiece and quite the building.

For more on the building,


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