Book Tower

The Book Building and Book Tower on Washington Blvd.

The Book Building and Book Tower on Washington Blvd.

The Book Tower is now Detroit’s tallest empty building. It sits on Washington Boulevard, and is named after the Book Brothers, the same people who are named after the Book-Cadillac.

You can notice the green copper roof from Comerica Park, as I do every work day. It was designed by Louis Kamper in 1917 and 1926 as there are two building to the Book Tower.

The Book Building is connected right next door and isn’t as tall for obvious reasons. The original structure is 13-stories while the tower is 36-stories.

There were plans for another tower to grace the south side of the Book Building, but the Depression hit and plans were scrapped. There were plans to make this tower 81-stories tall, the tallest ever built at the time, but everything fell a part unfortunately.

The building went through changes throughout the years, and finally, in 2007 it closed. The famed Bookies Tavern had to move out and moved behind the Fox Theatre.

The tower and building sit empty, awaiting renovation. Most recently, scaffolding was put up to protect the citizens below as it was considered a threat, falling debris that is.

Plans have come and gone but nothing has been solidified unfortunately as the empty beast awaits renovation.

More on the building,


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