Motor City on the Move: Motown Winter Blast


Detroit has hosted many great events over the years. Many of those have been sporting events, but the others have to be something else in order to bring in a different crowd.

A few of the events that Detroit can put on that aren’t sports include: The Downtown Hoedown, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Jazz Festival, and the Tree Lighting.

Skating at Campus Martius (Chris Zadorozny)

Skating at Campus Martius (Chris Zadorozny)

You can add the Motown Winter Blast to that list, too. It’s been around since 2005, incorporated because of Super Bowl XL. Over one million people visited the festival which is focused on winter themed events.

It’s quite an event and it surrounds Campus Martius Park, the heart of Detroit. Now occurring the second weekend of February every year, it has become a signature event for the city of Detroit.

In the past, it’s featured a giant snow slide, dogsled races, snowshoeing, and an ice garden. This year, because of the weather and lack of funding, the snow slide wasn’t created this year, but there were many other things to do.

Among the things to do around Campus Martius Park included a merry-go-round, small roller coaster, carnival type games, a large slide (not made of snow), snowshoeing, and ice sculpture garden, dogsled races and many warm tents with food and drinks.

It was another packed year for the Motown Winter Blast, as thousands of people came down to check it out, and experience yet another great event in Detroit. Also included in the admission (which was either a dollar, a book, or a non-perishable can of food), was music and free ice skating.

It’s made mostly for children, but the adults have their own place there too. It may have been a bit chilly this weekend, but those who did make it down there, made it fun for themselves. An estimated 75,000 people were expected to attend the three-day event that lasted from Friday until Sunday.

Quicken Loans helped sponsor the event once again, which is quickly becoming involved in the city of Detroit. Next year, the event will be back, and who knows with the improvements around Campus Martius, how big the event will expand.


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