ZADS: What the NHL Realignment could mean for the Red Wings

By Chris Zadorozny

Imagine a playoff series where the road games don’t start at 10:30pm and you ponder whether to stay up and watch the heart-racing, intense, back-and-forth hockey game that could determine the Red Wings fate.

That could be no more, at least until Detroit reaches the Stanley Cup Finals. So what exactly does the new realignment plan look like? Well, instead of two conferences, consisting of three divisions each, there would be two divisions inside the Western and Eastern Conferences. The Red Wings would move to the Eastern Conference and play the majority of their games in the eastern time zone.

How will this benefit Detroit? Well, obviously it’s the travel time. It will cut down so much travel that it could actually help the Red Wings win more games down the stretch.

It also saves the fans from staying up until 10:30pm to just see the start of a game, especially for those of us who actually work next morning. Finally, it will completely change the way hockey is played in both conferences and all four divisions.

The rivalry that is the Blackhawks-Red Wings has blossomed into something great to watch every time the teams lace up the skates. That would be no longer; but what would be created is new rivalries. The Red Wings would be in a division with the Maple Leafs, Canadiens and Bruins, all Original Six teams.

Back before the NHL split up the Norris and Patrick Divisions, the Red Wings were in the same division as the Maple Leafs from the very beginning, and now it could come full circle as the Leafs finally look to be turning things around in Toronto this season.

So Lets review:

  • Old rivalries, gone
  • new rivalries, formed
  • less travel time
  • less time staying up late and more time enjoying the hockey that fans love

This new move, if approved, could do wonders for the Red Wings, and their fan base.

To read the original post that appeared online on Sports Radio Detroit on February 27, 2013, go to


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