COLUMN: Wolves to Wolverines, great for campus


Before Spring Break, UM-Dearborn were the Wolves. Actually, we still are the Wolves, but starting in the fall, we become Wolverines. What a change this will be. For those students that wanted to go to Ann Arbor, but couldn’t because of grades or financial reasons, here’s your new shot at becoming a Wolverine on a different campus.

But wait, don’t think of that way just yet. We were the Wolves for so long. We had our own identity, our own mascot. We were different. Why do we want to be like some of our so-called fellow students over in Ann Arbor who probably don’t care that we exist? Sometimes they can be very stuck up and treat us like second class citizens, so you tell me why we should be just like them.



Well, regardless, we get to be on par with those students over in Ann Arbor. We can officially become the Wolverines in the fall. So other than becoming a Wolverine, which I would guess over half, if not almost three quarters of the student population, is excited about it. I am, I know I can’t wait for this to happen. Unfortunately, I won’t get to experience it, as I graduate over the summer.

But hey, you should be excited for this change, this change that will affect this campus. Not only are we supposed to get student housing by the fall, but as Wolverines, we can officially say this is the college life. Campus dorms, Wolverines, Michigan, less money, how can this get any better?

It will get better. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that less than a quarter of our student population cares about our campus athletics. I mean, who will actually read this column and care? I don’t know, but you really need to care about our athletics. They are going to get a huge boost with the name change, and not only will you be cheering for the Wolverines over in Ann Arbor, but you should be cheering for the Wolverines right here in Dearborn, on your own campus.

We have a great hockey team that fell a few wins short of making it to Nationals, our Women’s Basketball team made it to the WHAC Tournament, only to fall in the first round.

We have competitive teams on this campus, but no one supports them. Maybe it was because we are the Wolves and not the Wolverines. I just hope this name change will change the mindset of students on this campus, and they begin to cheer for the Wolverines of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


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