Cheer squad hoping to become more known as Wolverines


The UM-Dearborn Cheerleading squad could be one of the happier teams with the Wolves to Wolverine name change coming into the fall 2013 semester.

The name change could bring a whole new generation of recruits and quite possibly the addition of more girls and a lot more hyped up fans and athletes.

The squad was composed of 13 members this past season, who cheer for the Men’s Basketball team. Both captains, senior Allyssa Kerby and sophomore Franchesca Caston, are really looking forward to the name change once the games begin.

Courtesy Kyle Schafer

Courtesy Kyle Schafer

“If we say Wolves, we get screamed at and get told we’re the Wolverines,” said Kerby. “If we say Dearborn we get screamed at and get told we’re Michigan, so saying we’re the Wolverines now and having Wolverines in the cheer, will be better.”

Not only do the captains want to have a better showing from fans at basketball games in the coming year, they are also hoping the men’s team is widely impacted by the name change. They believe that by switching from the Wolves to the Wolverines, that it will motivate the guys.

Both Kerby and Caston are hoping that if there is an influence on the athletic department monetarily that they’ll be able to get some new hooded sweatshirts and possibly some new mats to work on.

There is no guarantee that money will come into the program, if money does come from the name change, since they are a club sports and not a varsity team. Along with the impact of the name change on the team they cheer for, they hope that being the Wolverines will bring in more girls to tryout.

“I think it will get more girls to come out,” said Caston. “They’ll actually feel like they’re a part of something bigger than just Dearborn.”

The squad will be at the Freshman Orientations in the summer and will hold tryouts at the end of August. If you’re interested in being on the squad, contact Kerby at


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