Weindel hopes name change brings more pep to athletes


For UM-Dearborn Head Athletic Trainer, Kim Weindel, the name change of Wolves to Wolverines won’t bring any major changes to her job. What could change though from her perspective, is the athletes that she treats on a day-to-day basis.

Currently, Weindel is based out of the Henry Ford Health System, but her full-time outreach program at UM-Dearborn is the one she loves. “These are my athletes,” said Weindel.

Athletic Trainer Kim Weindel (Chris Zadorozny)

Athletic Trainer Kim Weindel (Chris Zadorozny)

The basic job description of what Weindel does is work with varsity athletes on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment. Anything from aches and pains, to cuts and concussions.

Weindel doesn’t believe that the name change will affect her job directly, but could affect the way the athletes mindset, and quite possibly the opponents coming into the UM-D Fieldhouse to play the UM-D teams.

“Whether we are the Wolves or the Wolverines, I still treat every athlete as they’re injured or not injured,” said Weindel. “The thing that I’m interested to find out is if the name change changes the mindset of the athletes in the athletic training room.”

With the name change, the possibility of monetary influx to the athletics department could really help Weindel. “I share a lot of my rehab equipment with the Wellness Center, so anything I take out of there, has to be returned. I still use the weight machines, the cardio equipment, and the dance studio. I do my rehab both in here and out there (trainer’s office and Wellness Center),” said Weindel.

If in fact the name change means more money to spend around the athletic department, Weindel is looking forward to it, but nothing has been confirmed about that just yet.

When the name change happens, Weindel is looking forward to the name change, but is more excited to see what the athletes will do under the Wolverine name.


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