Boston Marathon bombed, hundreds injured; federal officials assume terrorism


Tragedy struck the city of Boston during the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon. Two bombs were exploded near the finish line of the marathon, in Copley Square, killing three and injuring hundreds more.

The blasts, which occurred around 15 second apart, and about a block apart, were detonated outside of buildings, in waste receptacles, throwing many people to the ground, many of which were spectators. One of the victims was an 8-year old boy from Dorchester, MA, just outside of Boston.



Runners were too affected in the blast, as a runner, who was identified as Bill Iffrig, 78, of Lake Stevens, Washington, was about to finish, and collapsed from the explosion. An unnamed source told news sources that the devices that exploded were homemade pressure cookers filled with ball bearings and bits and pieces of shrapnel. It is still not confirmed what set off the devices.

Boston PD confirmed early Tuesday morning that the other five suspicious packages found around the city were not unexploded bombs, just regular bags left behind following the two explosions.

The Boston Globe reported more than 100 people were injured from the blast, and were transported to the UMASS General Hospital.

Many photos from the scene were shown of people being carried away on stretchers, in wheelchairs, covered in blood. Some were being amputated in the tent, originally meant for runners who had dehydration.

UMASS General Hospital confirmed that they were treating 22 people, with six of them in critical condition. Four of those treated were amputated. Along with UMASS General, Tufts Medical Center nearby was treating nine people, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital had received up to 20 injured people.

Police confirmed that there were amputations as well, many of which were the legs of the victims. Boston PD also confirmed surveillance video of a person bringing backpacks to the site of the explosions about 20 minutes prior to the explosions.

Sadly, where the blasts occurred, under the grandstands at the finish line, were some of the families of the victims of Newtown, Connecticut, of which the final mile of the race was dedicated to.

“This is a horrific day in Boston,” said Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Because of the bombings, security was beefed up in other cities such as New York and Washington D.C. Police also shut down cell service in Boston to keep anyone from detonating any other bombs in the area.

As of 6:00pm Monday evening, there were no suspects in custody, according to Boston PD, but they do have a person of interest. At around 6:30pm, CNN was told that federal law enforcement officials were classifying the explosions as a terrorist attack. As a result of the bombings, the Boston Bruins-Ottawa Senators game was postponed along with the Celtics-Pacers game, which was not to be rescheduled.

There were five runners that registered for the marathon from Dearborn. Heather Ferris, Katie Millar, Angela and Sean Peecher, and Reem Taha from Dearborn were running in the marathon. All from Dearborn were confirmed to be safe and ok following the blast, via Facebook.

“We do not yet have all the answers,” said President Barack Obama in a briefing late last night. As a result of the bombings, the national security will increase as necessary according to the President.

“On days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats – we are Americans, united in concern for our fellow citizens. We still do not know who did this, or why, but make no mistake, we will find out.”

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