ZADS: Red Wings playoff streak in jeopardy

By Chris Zadorozny

For the first time since 1990, the Detroit Red Wings are looking at the possibility of not making the playoffs. It’s a real possibility after falling to the San Jose Sharks, 3-2 in a shootout on Thursday evening.

In their final eight games, the Red Wings play three of their final eight games against playoff teams, including tonight’s game against the Blackhawks.

What chance do the Red Wings actually have of making the playoffs? Well, let’s take a look at their opponents in the final eight games.

The Red Wings play the Nashville Predators twice, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes, Los Angeles Kings, and finish off the season in Dallas against the Stars.

The Predators are currently six points out of the playoffs and in their final seven games, they play two playoff teams, in Detroit and Chicago, but also play Dallas and Columbus, who are both three points out of a playoff spot.

The Flames, they have nine games remaining, including six games against playoff teams, along with one against Phoenix, who are two points out of a playoff spot.

The Canucks have eight games remaining with four games against playoff teams, with Dallas also in the hunt on their schedule.

The Coyotes also have eight games remaining, with six of their games against playoff teams.

The Kings have seven games remaining, with five games remaining against playoff teams, and the other two against the Stars and Blue Jackets, who are three points out each.

Finally, the Stars have nine games remaining, with eight coming against playoff teams, and the other one, against the Blue Jackets, three points out.

The Red Wings have a decent shot at making the playoffs this year, but they control their own destiny. They are currently in the eighth position in the Western Conference.

It may not seem like it after the performance in the third period against the Sharks last night, but the Red Wings have the best chance to make the playoffs out of their opponents and have the best chance to beat their opponents in the remaining eight games.

Right now, the Red Wings have a 55.9% chance to make the playoffs, according to

The next Western Conference team below them in the standings and on that stat sheet, is the Phoenix Coyotes, who trail the Red Wings by two points in the standings. They have a 24.8% chance of making the playoffs.

If the Red Wings want to make the playoffs, they control their own destiny. If they don’t, it will end one of the best playoff runs in sports history.

To read the original post that appeared online on Sports Radio Detroit, on April 15, 2013, go to


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