Prescription drugs, $3.6K in Cash Stolen From Home on Orchard Street

On Oct. 4, a 44-year old Wyandotte man reported that his and his 41-year old wife’s home had been vandalized. According to the report, the couple returned to their home on the 500 block of Orchard after being at the hospital.

When they returned to their house, according to Wyandotte police, they found their back door “locked but slightly ajar.” The couple’s daughter’s room was one of the rooms that was ransacked. Clothes were scattered throughout the room, and while they left the flat screen television on the wall, they stacked three dressers on top of each other, the report said.

The husband and wife’s room was also ransacked. Many of their dresser drawers and those contents were scattered throughout the room, along with a lamp, undamaged, which was lying on its side.

Inside the living room, their home office desk was also ransacked. Drawers were scattered throughout the room, but none of the contents were removed, nor were the computer, monitor, and fax machine.

The victims told Wyandotte police that the alarm was not set for the home. Upon further inspection and through a second report, Wyandotte police found the following items stolen: Prescription medicine, the couple’s daughter’s piggy bank, along with $3,600 in cash and a check worth $2,700 from a lock-box in the couple’s room.

A witness stated she had seen two suspicious men loitering near the home when the break-in happened, according to the report. One of the two suspects apparently has a connection to the victims, according to the report.

To read the original article that appeared online on October 17, 2013, on the Wyandotte Patch, go to


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