Hood’s Hardware Vandalized Twice in 4 Days, Police Say

On Oct. 19, Hood’s Hardware, 1844 Ford Ave. was broken into sometime in the early morning hours. According to police, one of the employees of the store reported vandalism to the property. The investigating officer found landscaping stones that were used to break a tempered glass window and the store’s sign.

According to police, they believe it wasn’t theft or burglary to be a motive, but possibly malicious vandalism.

A separate incident occurred on Oct. 23 involving the store. Another two windows were broken on the western side of the building, once again by rocks.

A witness who lives near the store heard shattering glass and then someone say, “oh s*#t.” The witness reported the two suspects run away into the alley near Ford Ave. One had a red hoodie on.

When asked what age the suspects were, the witness said they believe they were junior high or high school age kids. It is not clear if the incidents are related, but the reporting officer did not know of the broken windows that happened a few days earlier.

To read the original article that appeared online on November 3, 2013, on the Wyandotte Patch, go to www.wyandotte.patch.com


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