Wyandotte Teen Robbed, Assaulted on 14th Street

A 17-year old Wyandotte teen was robbed and assaulted on 14th Street, between Eureka and Oak, at about 9 a.m. Nov. 3.

While driving his vehicle on 14th Street, a light grey Prius pulled alongside of him. Both of the occupants told him that something was wrong with his vehicle. The teen stepped out to check the vehicle, and the two occupants of the Prius approached him. One of the occupants punched the teen on the right side of his head, knocking him unconscious for a short period, according to police.

When the teen came to, the two men, who are now suspects in the case, were going through his pockets and trying to yank his necklace off of him. One of the suspects had taken his car keys, but the teen was able to take them back. Upon taking them back through a struggle, he hit one of the suspects in the face. The two men fled the area in the Prius after taking $10 from the teen’s pocket.

According to police, the suspects are in their late teens to early 20’s. One was 5’7” wearing a grey Michael Jordan hoodie (black design), and had short, close cut hair. The second suspect was 5’10”, wearing a red Aeropostale hoodie with short hair.

They were seen driving a four-door, light grey to silver in color, 2000 Toyota Prius.

To read the original article that appeared online on November 5, 2013, on the Wyandotte Patch, go to www.wyandotte.patch.com


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