Woman Arrested After Trying To Use Counterfeit Money At Bank

On Nov. 1, a 43-year old Wyandotte woman was placed under arrest after a counterfeit money situation.

According to police, the woman went to a local bank and gave the teller $200 in $20 bills. Eight of the bills were counterfeit after going through tests to determine if the bills were fraudulent or not by the teller.

After the teller told the woman that the bills were fraudulent, the woman said she had to leave to pick up her daughter in front of the school and would be back in 10 minutes, the police report said. She left her drivers license and never returned, according to the police.

Police were dispatched to the bank and the high school to find the woman. Police arrived at her house thanks to her driver’s license and found her there, the report said.

Wyandotte police placed the woman under arrest. The money was tagged and the secret service was contacted about the counterfeit bills.

To read the original article that appeared online on November 6, 2013, on the Wyandotte Patch, go to www.wyandotte.patch.com


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