Vehicle Vandalized, Retail Theft at Dollar General

On Nov. 10, Wyandotte police were dispatched to the Dollar General store on the 3000 block of Fort St. Police were notified that a woman was concealing vitamins in a large purse. The store manager called police for assistance while witnessing the shoplifting by the woman.

The manager stated that she saw the woman enter the store, and head toward the vitamin display. She placed several containers of vitamins in her large purse and then walk toward another area of the store. The manager confronted the woman and asked her to return the merchandise. She denied having anything, and ran to a car on the north side of the parking lot. Once in the car, she drove north through the alley and then east on Orchard St. before disappearing.

There is no description of the vehicle, the woman, or license plate number according to police.

Car vanadlized

On Nov. 9, a 57-year old Wyandotte woman reported that her vehicle was vandalized on the 800 block of St. John’s St around 9 p.m. The woman reported that someone threw a large piece of concrete at her car, which broke the driver’s side door window and side view mirror, as well as scratching and denting the door. As of now, there are now suspects or witnesses according to police.

To read the original article that appeared online on November 19, 2013, on the Wyandotte Patch, go to


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