Sports Columns

These columns are from the 2012-2013 school year that ran in the sports section of The Michigan Journal.

Winter 2013 Semester

Support Boston

UM-Dearborn Wolverines need your support

Why is sexuality a major topic in sports?

Wolves to Wolverines, great for campus

A changing of the guard in Hockeytown

Support youth sports, they are the future

The NHL is back, but should anyone, or does anyone care?

Thank You Denard


Fall 2012 Semester

Is life taking a backseat to professional sports?

Buckeyes may have perfect season, but imperfect fans

Wolves hockey provides excitement during NHL lockout

Don’t Stop Believing, Tigers pushed to brink, but not out

Down 2-0, Tigers need to find themselves, and fast

Tigers falter, but are far from out

2006 Tigers vs. 2012 Tigers

Giants and Tigers, World Series 2012

Detroit Tigers: World Series Contenders

No manners at Notre Dame

Jim Leyland: Keep or Fire?


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