News Articles

Here, you will find any articles written for The Michigan Journal during my  time there that appeared in the News section of the paper.


Winter 2013 Semester

Boston Marathon bombed, hundreds injured; federal officials assume terrorism

Midtown pipe burst not a result of constructional problems

State of the Union: A Four-Month Michigan Journal Investigation


Fall 2012 Semester

Over 20 dead in Connecticut school shooting

Ilitch proposes new arena and entertainment district

Dave and Chuck “The Freak” no longer at 89x

Historic Brewster-Douglass Housing projects coming down

Jerry Sandusky jailed 30-60 years

Michigan-Notre Dame Rivalry Ends

What campus housing means for UM-Dearborn athletics


Summer 2012

Whole Foods Midtown Detroit Breaks Ground


Winter 2012 Semester

Detroitblogger John Carlisle visits campus

Belle Isle Aquarium reopens

Boyle discusses Arc of Justice

Destination Detroit: Lou Glazer and Shanelle Jackson

Susy Avery speaks on future of Detroit

Belle Isle Aquarium Reels in thousands

Destination Detroit Speaker Series


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